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The Calabash Tree

Calabash Hot Sauce final Mock.jpg

   The Calabash Tree is an ongoing client that I have designed various things for. I started working with this business over the summer when I was fresh faced out of University. As a street food vendor, The Calabash Tree offers authentic cuisine from Trinidad & Tobago.

   My original brief was to spray paint a design onto the caravan which is used to transport the mobile kitchen to various venues and events. Since then I have been asked to design t-shirts and a label for a Mango & Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce (pictured above). 

Calabash T Final Mock.jpg

   The branding throughout the designs for The Calabash Tree has been based on the flag colours of Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Calabash tree itself which is a tree most commonly found in parts of Africa and South America.


   I wanted to create my own version of the tree which has became the centre point of both the t-shirts and the hot sauce label; whilst including the red, white and black colour scheme. 

Calabash Tree New logo 5.JPG

   The above illustration is a draft I made of a potential logo that I didn't end up using for the purpose of a logo, but instead redrew the hand rendered typography so it could be applied to the hot sauce bottle. My original thinking about the logo rework was to create something fun and energetic that is synonymous with the street food vibe whilst being eye catching and recognisable.  

bottle prop.png

   This is a first draft of the front panel of the hot sauce label. The hand drawn lettering was later added into the tree illustration that I drew as part of a logo draft (above). This was the first time I created a pattern in my style using layering techniques on ProCreate and was really happy with how it came out and the client was very happy with it. 

Hot Sauce Label Final v2.jpg

Here is the final Hot Sauce label that is currently in production. 

   The caravan I painted was the starting point for this project.

It has been painted using spray paint and is completely unique to The Calabash Tree. Below is the illustration that the final design was loosely based on.

Calabash Tree Plan.jpg

For more information about The Calabash Tree, Please click the link below.

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