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Do What Moves You

   Do What Moves You was a live brief that I worked on during my final year at Northumbria University. The brief, which was for Bacardi asked me to create a new campaign that invited its audience to get involved and get moving whilst also reflecting the best moments of summer. 

   After working through ideas I started developing illustrations of legs that started out very basic but got more and more complicated.

I then used my skills as a painter to develop this style but on a really large, high-impact scale. I like the legs as they are great at showing movement, they are really fun to paint and draw as well and it almost seams like the possibilities are endless with them. 


   I chose to go down the path of doing three different designs which were all painted at different scales around the Heaton and Ouseburn area. Above, is one of the designs for the 'Festival' scene and portrays a really fun and bouncy design that really shows what music festivals are about. 

   These paintings are slightly smaller than the murals above and reflect being at the beach and at the park. The colour palette I have used I feel really reflects summer and definitely gives these paintings a vibrant feel.


   This big wall on Newcastle's Quayside was definitely the highlight of the project, I really like everything about it and the colours pop so well. I think that the black background really supports the surrounding colour and makes it stand out. This style is definitely inspired by Keith Haring, the bouncy, playful shapes have definitely brought a new lease of life to this location.

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