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   This brief was my second project within the Illustration pathway at Northumbria. It was a live competition through YCN and the challenge was to create a series of illustrations that may be used as a loading screen on the Childline website or on their social media channels. 


   The illustrations portray reasons people may be using Childline and touch upon self-harm, depression and anxiety. I had to be very careful with this brief as it was important not to portray anything that could trigger or upset its audience. 

Childline 4.jpg

   I designed a character in the form of a cactus. I love the idea that the cactus have spines and therefore can be quite difficult to come into contact with. Childline is there to help you overcome your issues whatever they may be and are there to help you.

Childline 1.jpg
Childline 2.jpg

Childline are such an amazing organisation that are there to help!

For more information, please visit:

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