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   95Worldwide is a clothing brand I started in late 2019 that aims to bring affordable, locally crafted clothing to Newcastle upon Tyne. The idea is that all of the products are made to order so that there is no unsustainable waste commonly produced by companies that over order their products and end up in a land fill. 

Drops Cap

   I wanted to produce something that has a strong visual impact whilst being quite simplistic. Styles I have used on large murals as well as colour ways have been transferred to the designs that have been built up using simple shapes and strong typography. 


   Embroidery has been a key element of the designs as it is long lasting and doesn't fade. The embroidery has been applied to the centre chest of each garment so the design can still be seen if you are wearing an open shirt or jacket. 

   The first T-shirts I created were just a simple embroidered design to the centre chest that were really just to see if it would work. After receiving lots of positive feedback and people buying the shirts I have further developed the designs; adding vinyl back prints and also some embroidery detail to the sleeves of some of the garments as part of the pre Christmas release. 

Logo LS 4.JPG

   The rain drop is such a simplistic, transferable shape that I have used throughout not only 95worldwide but in other designs and paintings as well. Adding it to the wrist area of the long sleeve garments was definitely a good move, not only is it simplistic but it is a nice addition to the front and back designs and is definitely something I can build on.  

Drops cap 2.JPG

   As a cap wearer, to design a cap is something I have wanted to do for a long time. With the Christmas drop I decided to go ahead with two different designs that would go with the rest of the collection. After doing a lot of research into brands like Ralph Lauren and Stussy I decided that I really liked the feel of corduroy caps. The 6 panel shape with adjustable strap is what I usually wear so decided to go with that and they have proven very popular and are the biggest seller of this collection so far. 

Logo Cap 4.JPG

   1995 was the year I was born but I also have the tendency to work 9-5, the actual name of the brand is something I've had in the notes of my phone for years. When I started sketching out initial ideas for the clothing I really liked the balance of numbers and letters combined with a graphical element. 

A-W 2 Mockups 2.jpg
95G 2.JPG

   The Explorer t-shirt is probably my favourite design from the collection so far. It was inspired by the birth of Internet Explorer in 1995 and uses elements from their original logo. The graphic is very bold and eye catching, nicely balanced by my favourite typeface; Gill Sans. 

shoot wall.JPG

   Having studied typography at university, it is something i'm very passionate about so it has been a pleasure being able to transfer some of my knowledge onto clothing infused with my style of bold graphic work. 

   This wall was painted at the end of cold November and was used as the backdrop for the Christmas shoot. It is located in Heaton and is also the entrance to an Air BNB. 

   95Worldwide is now available to buy, please click the link below to see the whole collection. 

We are also on Instagram so make sure you follow @95worldwide to stay up to date with releases and other information. 

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